Friday, March 23, 2012

The guild grows..

Everybody's excited! The guild is growing by the day! Just a few more new members and it will reach the century mark. Countdown's begun...12...11...

The Guilds's Facebook page is buzzing with activity. AND chatter. Here's a quick round up of the guild's current and proposed activities:

1.Monthly Challenge - Jan and Feb are over, March rules are out.
=>JAN rules - Make anything using ONLY warm coloured solids. Winner:Tina Katwal
=>FEB rules - Make a mini quilt depicting a memorable holiday. Winner: Rashida Juzer.
=>MARCH rules - Make anything using ONLY 2 FQs and nothing else.

2.BOM for Vaani - The first BOM design is out. You are free to choose your colours and play with the placements of your blocks at the end of 12 months. On completion, quilts will be probably exhibited and sold off at a common venue and proceeds given to VAANI. 
=>1st BOM - for March is the windmill block. Also called Pinwheel block. First work out the size of the quilt you will be making with the BOM and then plan this block. Instructions to make it are on the blog. Pics of completed blocks are to be posted in the FB album.

3.IMQG Block Party - Needs 12 members. 10 already signed up, 2 willing to do 2 spots. Will be happy to accommodate 1-2 participants more. Each member chooses a month and sends out fabric with design instructions to the other 11 members for making a block each which have to be mailed back to the original member on completion. Restricted to Indian residents only. Update - months have been allocated,.. Madhu, of April month, will soon be sending out fabric.

4.Secret Swap - Not yet taken off. Need more people to make it more fun.

5.Cathdral block quiltalong - Will start after the IMQG Meet.

What fun !!

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