Saturday, March 10, 2012

Charity quilt for VAANI

For those of you who are not on facebook. We are making a quilt for Charity....this time for VAANI, Deaf Children's Foundation, which i belong to . ( We are doing it in the form of Blocks for the Month (BOM). This means we will make one block every month with a chosen pattern (which Shruti chooses) and at the end of 12 months we will have 12 completed blocks.   You are free to choose your colours and play with the placements of your blocks at the end of 12 months. On completion, quilts will be probably exhibited and sold off at a common venue and proceeds given to VAANI. We have had discussions on FB and have agreed that we can choose our own size for the final quilt.
Shruti says  'For individual quilt sizes, please refer my post from the ABC of quilting series by Jacquie Gering'

The first BOM design is out. 
The first block of the month for March is the windmill block. First work out the size of the quilt you will be making with the BOM and then plan this block.

I am quoting Tina here 'IDEA for the BOM charity quilts : Since there are so few of us who are making these, maybe some (or all) of us can do more than one block every month of the BOM. One can play with variations in colour and placement. Or do identical ones if thats easier/preferable. Since it'll be just 2-3 block a month, it shouldn't be too difficult. We can help each other out with the final assembly and quilting maybe. What say, pieceniks?

So we leave it to you to decide!
If you are not on FB then leave your comments here and we will try and reply as soon as possible!


  1. hi! i also work with vaani and will make a block for the vaani quilt. not going to be able to make 2 blocks this month as i've checked in here sooo late.

    1. Can I take part in this challenge or is it too late