Tuesday, February 28, 2012

IMQG Block Party!

Hey guys, I'm happy to announce our very own Quilting Bee - The IMQG Block Party!!!

A quilting bee is one of the best ways to improve your skills as a quilter.

In the old days, women would gather together and work on a quilt saving a lot of time! This usually happened when there was some specific reason - weddings wars, etc. Women would come together and work on a single quilt. Helping to finish is faster than anyone person could.

Since we are spread out over an area of 3287263 sq.km. doing that would be practically impossible.

So we will be following the example of the Block Party (I could not find a link to their blog that worked) and have our own Block Party!

Here is how it works

We will have 12 members. Each member will be assigned a month. 
You can request for a specific month if you want to make the quilt for a specific occasion. (I have requested for November 'coz I want to make this quilt for myself for my birthday - thats January... Getting the quilt blocks by mid December, I can make my quilt by 2nd Jan!) But I dont mind taking up the first month so that others will know how things go.

Efforts will be made to accommodate as many requests as we can.

In the month before your assigned month, you will send out fabric to all the other 11 members.
Things to consider while sending out fabric.
1. Include enough fabric to make the block. - I'd suggest you include a little extra to allow for some errors.
2. Include clear instructions to make the blocks. It could be sketches or photos or detailed instructions - its up to you.
3. State clearly if you'd like the members to keep the scraps or you want them returned to you.

In your assigned month, the other 11 members will make the blocks from your fabric and send it back to you.

Things to consider while sending out blocks.
1. Send the block out on time. If you are delayed, inform the other members. Stay in touch.
2. Try to include a little something for the block recipient. A small chocolate would really make their day!
3. Update the group thread when you have mailed your blocks.

At the end of your assigned month you will have 11 (or more) blocks ready for your quilt. Finish your quilt and upload it in the group for all to see!

Ready to Party, girls?

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