Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Welcome from Brinda!

Welcome to the Indian Modern Quilter's Guild! This is a space where we will share our experiences while we cut, snip, sew, quilt and create our very special masterpieces, and ofcourse become friends! Since this is the first day of our very special blog lets all share one piece of work as a way of starting, a piece that has had some special meaning for us. I am sharing the picture of a quilt I made for my daughter's wedding anniversary. Its a crazy quilt, and I had so much fun making it. I tried to capture her special moments including memories of Kolkata, as she was brought up here and now lives away!
My favourite block was the one of Victoria memorial....Really had to use all my imagination to create this one!
The one that proved a challenge and took lots of time was the one of St. Paul's Cathedral

Our grand daughter Sufi was born that year, our own pot of gold....so I made this block to celebrate her birth!

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  1. I've said this before on your blog but I'm saying it again - I LOVE THIS QUILT!!! :)