Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cheers from Chumkie

Hi All:

I am an Indian quilter living in the U.S and have been quilting off and on for a couple of decades.  My sister who lives in India signed me up as a member of the IMQG. This group of Indian quilters is so motivated and enthusiastic! I enjoy browsing the group on Facebook whenever I can, just to see what everyone's been up to! After becoming a member I have been inspired to pick up quilting again after several years of stagnation. I will, forever, be grateful to them.

My most memorable quilt to date is the Stack and Whack or Kaleidescope quilt.

This was probably the most interesting quilt I've ever worked on.

I chose an oriental theme for my focal fabric. The repeats in the pattern of the fabric were segmented and stacked on top of each other six times, triangles cut from each set of six, which were then pieced into a hexagon.

The resulting pattern for each of the 18 hexagons in this quilt is unique. I've shown only 6 of them.

 I like the 'movement' in each block.
 The colours are incredible.

I couldn't stop sewing this quilt because my expectations kept on building. It isn't until all the blocks are sewn that one can appreciate the magic that is created from one focal fabric.



  1. Woow..this is really a piece of's it:)

  2. Looooove it! Want to make one too . It is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L !!