Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hugs from Shruti...

While everyone is talking about their first quilts, I though I'd write about it too...

All those who have kept me on a pedestal are going to feel like removing that from under my feet... Just warn me first, or I'll just fall down hard!

So... It was back in January 2010 (Its 2 amazing years already)... I had recently recovered from Chikungunya and was busy setting up my new venture of 'up'cycling things.

I stumbled upon the blog of Elizabeth Hartman and fell in love! With quilting.

Without a sewing machine and without ANY proper training, I started my first quilt.

I planned the quilt well in advance. Sketched it. Looked at it and already loved it.

These were some co-ordinating Pillow shams I got from D mart. This was my idea of an FQ bundle! They were poor quality utterly rough linens but I loved them at that moment.

I organized all my cut fabric. I did not have a rotary cutter and drew each piece on the fabric and cut with scissors.

And I hand sewed the blocks! All of them.

By this time, I had brought home my grandmother's sewing machine. It was a treadle machine, but I got it fixed with a motor.

I sewed the blocks together. Okay, I started sewing the blocks together and realized, I had made a huge mistake counting them! I was about 16 blocks short of my actual number! 

I just replaced those 16 blocks with white fabric squares! 

When the top was done, I just ironed on some of our photos onto those 16 squares. And it became a memory quilt. I finished it in time for our 5th Anniversary! (the 7th is coming up and I have not made anything for us!)

Here's my finished quilt.

Today, I see a lot of mistakes in it. But at that time, just completing it was so wonderful! Dont forget that for 6 months (till April) it took me an hour every morning just to be able to walk properly. All my joints would pain and I would dread mornings and evenings. Even today, my ankles pain after I sit for a long time in cold weather! Making this quilt was quite an achievement at that time and it really did boost my confidence.

It is not a beautiful quilt, I make them much more better now, but it is the most loved one! And it will always occupy a position of pride in my heart as well as my home!

Lesson learnt from this quilt : NEVER EVER use linen and silk in the same quilt! And I mean NEVER.



  1. What r u saying?? Its a beautiful quilt! Love it!!

  2. It is really beautiful! What an amazing piece of work!

  3. you deserve to stand on a pedestal's an amazing piece of work by a beginner....and it looks beautiful...

  4. you know Shruti, I remember when you posted that! Has it really been two years already? I have to get back in to blogging - I've just had a really bad year so my blog has really been neglected. I was thinking I might try to piece together some cushion covers like the ones you made not so long ago. I still have a pile of WIPs to finish but ah well it's more exciting to make something new hehe