Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Welcome from Amalie

I have not been quilting very long so I will share the first and so far only quilt I have made. I do not own a sewing machine yet, so all I make I hand quilt over paper to keep it fixed. This quilt was a gift for a very special person or persons, a good friend and her newborn daughter.

My first quilt started with these fabrics.

Came to look like this after I fixed the fabric on the paper templates.

The front of the quilt ended up like this.

And the end result with a purple fleece back and bating look like this.

After making this quilt I was completely hooked on making more quilted things. So I have made a few balls for kids since.

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  1. Awesome! Since I also do not have a machine yet, you have truly inspired me to start something, at least a small one. :)