Thursday, April 19, 2012

Everybody's invited !!

Its IMQG's first meet and everybody's invited !

Shruti, the Prez has the unenviable job of fetching the out of town delegates and getting them to bond over dosas..sorry..yummy dosas.

While Bernina gets the venue ready, the core (inner and outer) committee members hash out a few details pertaining to the guild and the meet program.

While the senior members are 'discussing' stuff, the younger members of the guild sneak off to drool over pattern books and suitcases of quilty stuff.

And then its off to more bonding over dinner at Barbeque Nation.

Good food..good music..good conversation..ah !

Btw there's a giveaway for the widest/brightest/biggest/goofiest smile. And here are our contenders for day 1 :






  1. Looks like you all are having a great time! If I lived there, I would be right long side you all

  2. Superb! Eat, drink, learn, share, smile and quilt away! ....and yeah keep following your posts!

  3. WOW!!! SO SO JEALOUS!!!! :) Ha Ha!
    This is great guys! Super Super!
    And how did you guys get Bernina??? I didn't even know they were in India!!
    Man you women are too cool!!!
    Have a great time!!!
    Look forward to the updates.
    (you can see by all the exclamation marks that I am very excited about this!!!)

  4. It looks like a good beginning for a fun weekend. I will be following you guys here on the blog while I am at work.
    Have an amazing weekend ans please take tons of pictures for the rest of us to see.

  5. looks like all of you are having a really great time... I wish I could we wants more post pleaasee...with loads of photos :)

  6. Wow..u gals are having lot of fun there...enjoy and keep us updated with lot of pics and the happenings

  7. More pics and posts to feast our eyes on and feed our 'poor, deprived' souls....!!

  8. You girls are having a lot of fun there in Pune...enjoy and share us more photos and each of your experiences of this first meeting!

  9. Its been a wonderful, fun filled time!