Monday, April 16, 2012

IMQG February 2012 Challenge

Old jungle saying : "If something goes well, do it again."

After a very enthusiastic Jan Challenge, Shruti announced the rules for the Feb Challenge : Make a mini quilt depicting your most memorable holiday.

There were 5 entries in all, of which, one entry (Tina's) missed the deadline by a whisker. (Okay, two.) (Whiskers, that is.) Each entry was accompanied by the memories it brought back, happily shared with the others thru blogposts.

1.Chumkie Mukherjee :

(its a 2 part blogpost)

Old jungle saying specially for Tina : Get lost in a jungle but never lose track of time.

By a vote count, Rashida's lovely entry was declared winner. Now she's waiting for us to ship her her well deserved FQs. :-)

Isn't this fun?

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