Monday, April 2, 2012

IMQG January 2012 Challenge

The best thing about joining a guild is the fun you get to have as part of a community of fiercely passionate and highly creative people. (Of course, I'm talking about quilting !) On our founder-member Shruti's initiative, it was decided to have monthly challenges to encourage members to push their creative limits and skills and also share their learning experiences with the others.

The January challenge had simple enough rules: Use ONLY warm coloured solids.

The challenge generated a lot of enthusiasm in beginners and veterans (!) alike. Even the yet-to-begin-beginners were excited and there were quite a few questions relating to the rules and how far they could be bent. January 2012 saw the following 7 lovely entries, and most entries were accompanied by blogposts of the stories behind them :

1. Tina (

2. Elvira (

3. Brinda (

4. Sandhya (

5. Agnes (

6. Chumkie (

7. Aliya

By a vote count, Tina's entry was chosen winner of the IMQG January 2012 Challenge, making Tina a very happy person. But I do think Shruti was the happiest !

Happy quilting !!

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