Thursday, April 26, 2012

IMQG Meet - And so we sew

The last day of the IMQG meet was for challenges. Though 4 challenges were initially planned, only 2 could be accommodated - The Perfect Corners challenge and the Free Motion Quilting challenge. The Perfect Corners Challenge required 16 equal squares to be sewn into a 4x4 block. Here are the challengers busy preparing their fabric..

.. and here are the entries..

Sonalee, who won the Perfect Corners Challenge, gets a one year subscription to The Fat Quarterly.

Here's why..

After a brief demo of FMQ by Usha of Bernina and FAQ session by Mr.Ajay Gupta also of Bernina, the FMQ challengers presented their entries. Mr.Gupta chose 3 winning entries each of whom got a set of lovely threads.

  Winner 1 - Vidya

Winner 2 - Sonalee

Winner 3 - Elizabeth

Mr.Gupta presented the IMQG office bearers with gifts and Shruti presented him an IMQG mug.

There were lovely giveaways too sponsored by 13 Woodhouse Road. Here's what I got (my 9 yr old has laid claim to them!)..

And here's Shilpa thrilled at getting that soft snuggles pack..

Hemlata was quite literally jumping with joy at getting that FQ bundle..

 Two more entries today for the widest/brightest/goofiest smile contest :


Okay, here are the finalists ! (Of course I chose something with me IN it :-))

The best part? Everybody won!!

Thank you Bernina. Thank you Fat Quarterly. Thank you 13 Woodhouse Road.Thank you IMQG.

Happy quilting !!


  1. Even I loved the orange and printed squares combo...its so neat..

  2. Orange colour looks so bright and wonderful!!!!

  3. looks like all of you had loads of fun ….Greeeeen :)

  4. Was so nice to meet Vidya here at the NYC MOD quilters group! Pure delight and beautiful person and we hope to see her again in the winter!