Sunday, April 22, 2012

IMQG Meet - The Blast Off

The first IMQG meet took off to a great start. There was cake and camaraderie, newsletter and non-stop fun, learning and laughing, gallery and gup-shup, giggles and giveaways ! The beautiful cake was cut by a junior guest. This is how they made him do it...

But this is how he wanted to do it !!...

Shruti gave the welcome address and outlined the mission and vision of the India Modern Quilt Guild and Brinda introduced the Office bearers.

Vidya did us the honour of publishing the guild's first (quarterly) newsletter 'Dreamcatchers'.

All the members introduced themselves and with Tina's vote of thanks, the official inauguration came to an end.

Then began the exciting part of the meet..The Show-and-Tell.

Shruti (from Sangli) showed us her first quilt and told us what NOT to do in a quilt. Undoubtedly, Trial-and-Error is the best way to learn..especially other people's trial-and-error :-)

Tina (from Chennai) spoke a bit about quilting  'Kaudhis' in the traditional Karnataka style of quilting.

Sonalee (from Mumbai) showed us how to paper piece hexies.

Brinda (from Kolkata) showed us a beautiful memory quilt in crazy patchwork style.

Elizabeth (from Goa) spoke about machine embroidery and gave us valuable information on setting up a self-help unit.

Kalpana (from Sangli) showed us her art quilts.

Post-lunch we had sessions on 'Quilting Basics' by Shruti and 'Rotary Cutting' by Tina.

The folks from Bernina showed us demos of their machines and it was fun trying out the different Bernina models.

There were giveaways every once in a while..

And now the most awaited part : The contest for best/widest/goofiest 'quilters smile' ! Todays contenders -







Whoa! Thats a lot of smiles! Like Chumkie rightly said,"Quilters are happy people".  And why not? Did I mention the yummy goodie-bags?! :-)



  1. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!Beautifully written.......reliving each moment....we had loads of fun and quilting too

  2. You captured the spirit Tina! Thanks! Definitely a memorable time! Can you believe that all of us met for the very first time at this meet....and it was as though we had known each other forever!!!! So much fun, affection, warmth and growing friendships! How cool is that!

  3. It looks you all had grt fun and learnt a lot!!!!!

  4. Wow! what a fun meet!Enjoyed reading and looking at all the pictures soo much. Jealous much at the goodie bags:)

  5. Congrats to all IMQG members, those who attended the meet and those who were there in spirit (like mwoa :-). What a successful start.

  6. Its great to see women in lead. Waw! What a start? Just going to tweet @