Friday, February 17, 2012

IMQG Meet Details

Hiya all!

Excited about the meet?

So what is it really all about?

What will all of us be doing?

So here's a rough itenary for all of us...

We will all be meeting in the evening on 19th. Say about 7.30 ish. We will visit one of the best restaurants in town and have a blast! We'll get to know each other over delicious food and drinks... At night, those of you who want to stay with your relatives can do so for 1 day, and for the others, I can kick our little bro' from his apartment for one night and we can all crash there!

20th Morning, we head to Orchard Resort, just outside Pune on the NH4 for our final destination! We will be sharing the rooms on triple accommodation basis (3 people in one room).

Post lunch, since the check in time is 12 noon, we will have a formal session where we will all introduce ourselves and show what work we have been doing. Feel free to bring along quilts that you have made to show. Or you could put it together in a power point presentation to show everyone.

We will chill out along the poolside at nights... So bring along that crochet work you needed to finish or that hand quilting work or those hexies - I'm bringing mine!

On 21st in the morning session, we will have those training sessions. Some of us will be teaching others a few tricks... We have enough time to accommodate 6 people to teach giving them a MAXIMUM of 2 hours each.

Post lunch we all can work on making mini quilts with a common theme... :) 

On 22nd, we will get only a little time to sew, as we will be checking out at 10 am! It will mostly be me and Shilpa handing out the goodie bags while all of the others squeal in delight! But we'll do that over breakfast!

Whats in the goodie bag?

It could be anything... But I know it will be something you all will love! 

I am estimating the total cost of everything, including the food will be about Rs 5000 per person. People will have to pay for their drinks separately. I am including the cost of the dinner on the first night in this 5K. This is just an estimate, though. If there is any change I'll inform you.

After we check out, we will be going into the town for some shopping! We'll be buying fabric and notions! Got you excited, didn't I? No, I'm not including your shopping expenses in the 5K! We will spend the remaining of day wandering around in the town! Maybe even eating off stalls along he road and sipping ice-golas!

So all those who have registered! Gear up to enjoy yourself for 3 days! And all those who cannot make it this time, get ready to be jealous and think, "Why didn't I go?"



  1. Shruti
    maybe this would also be a good time to think through our responsibilities as Office bearers of IMQG....and maybe set some job responsibilities as well!

  2. wow!!!Loving this and I feel what Brinda says makes sense

  3. Looks like we are going to have a lot of good time.

  4. hi! i joined the blog a while ago thanks to brinda. i do show up as a member but have not been getting any notifications re posts and comments. is there something i should be doing?